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MyImgur is the most handy capture and uploader tool you’ll ever find for Windows computers. Intuitive 1-click actions and simple settings to very quickly capture areas of your screen or specific windows and send them to Imgur for sharing, or select a few files from your computer and drag them to Imgur to have them sent in a batch without any further actions. It is also the -only- desktop application with full Imgur account support.

Main features:

  • Full Imgur account support (upload to selected album, create/delete albums, delete all albums pics, favorite last upload etc)
  • Formats supported: Jpg, Bmp, Png, Gif
  • Context-menu shell extension for right-click on pictures > Send to Imgur (x86/x64)
  • Batch uploads, drop all your pics in the window and they’ll be automatically queued
  • Smart settings to automatically adjust picture quality or size for faster uploads
  • Crop live areas of the screen
  • High quality PNG captures
  • Capture DirectX surfaces
  • Select specific windows to capture through Aero Thumbnails
  • Paste images from clipboard
  • G15/510 Logitech keyboard LCD applet
  • Hot-keys support for all features
  • Supports all multiple monitor span configurations
  • Keep a log of all your uploads, including online delete URL
  • Select between only capture (and store in disk), only upload, capture&upload, only capture to clipboard
  • Copy last image to clipboard
  • Native win32 code, does NOT need .net framework
  • 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Portable version available

Disclaimer: The Imgur logo and “IMGUR” are trademarks of Imgur LLC and are used here for informational purposes only.  MyImgur is not affiliated with Imgur and has not been reviewed or officially approved by Imgur.

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  1. Veggies on said:

    Neat, total rebranding! Great work on this program and thanks infinitely.

  2. NinjaTheory on said:

    For some reason when it uploads, it always fail and show a X mark on imgur but the capture was fine

  3. NinjaTheory on said:

    This only happens when i’m logged in to imgur

  4. admin on said:

    Try redoing the auth login process.

  5. NinjaTheory on said:

    retried it like 5 times

  6. admin on said:

    Do you get an error message in the tray icon?

  7. NinjaTheory on said:

    No. It says picture sent. Open link and i get the corrupted image icon and the size is 0.0kb on imgur

  8. admin on said:

    Emailed you.

  9. admin on said:

    Nvm my email, identified the problem; the file does get uploaded, but if you have an album selected, it doesn’t enable the copy buttons after setting the image to the album.

    Will publish a fix today.

  10. kaylee on said:

    using x64
    not showing in context menu
    old version did
    win7 64

  11. NinjaTheory on said:

    Tried the updated version still doesn’t work. I tried the debug method you sent me but when I made a new account for it, i get “Imgur API Error 404 Re-login might be needed” while trying to login in using MyImgur 3.01 but my old account never got this error.

  12. NinjaTheory on said:

    So i tried uploading even after i got Imgur APi Error 404 and the image was still sent to my new account but the image also got corrupted. My guess is that my old account also got Imgur API Error 404 while trying login to Myimgur but Myimgur never showed me that message.

  13. Very handy tool! I just found a (tiny) default: when I create a new album (to put pictures inside), or decide to use an existing, but empty album, the name of this album doesn’t appear in the drop down list.

    Nevertheless, MyImgur is a beautiful and handy tool, thanks for it!

  14. Mystery on said:

    Is there any way to change the hotkeys?
    That’s what I like at Hyperdesktop, it’s really easy to use but it doesn’t upload the pictures to my account.

    I’d love to see the hotkey funtion here so I can delete Hyperdesktop ;)

    • admin on said:

      Been wanting to add hot-keys for a very long time way back since the older 1.x versions, I keep postponing it :D but you should expect it soon, probably next version.

  15. that guy on said:

    Why is it that I can no longer drag images into the window to have them upload?

    • admin on said:

      That can happen if you run the program as admin (like when the installer launches it). Restarting the program will fix it.

  16. admin on said:

    @that guy

    Fixed with last update.

  17. Laiev on said:

    Both version x64 crash after authentication.

    The version x32 (exe itself, the install didn’t work at Windows x64).

  18. Laiev on said:

    I don’t know, I can’t open the program anymore (after reinstalling it)

  19. admin on said:

    Maybe your antivirus of firewall is blocking it, what do you use?

  20. Laiev on said:

    I don’t use antivirus neither firewall (this include the firewall of Windows)

  21. gilga on said:

    great app to optimizing work.

    i have a trouble to resizing the main windows of your prog.
    i installed on vista 64 with the MyImgur31 x64.exe self install version.
    here is sreenshoot of main windows prog : http://i.imgur.com/08Y13.png
    i cant resizing with mouse triggering, i cant resizing by option menu windows ….

    in option panel i can see the default size is 428*306 but i cant change it.
    i try to edit the settings.xml to test without result.

    do u know a way to do resizing ?

    • admin on said:

      Hi, the interface is designed like that to not allow resizing. Your problem is you have higher non-default DPI so the controls etc are out of place, you can fix it in control panel/Display, set DPI back to normal “Smaller – 100% (default)” (96 dpi).

  22. gilga on said:

    thanks this is the problem, u have right.

    i forget my previous DPI ajustement :s

  23. Teapsalm on said:

    Doesn’t seem to be saving as .jpeg with either of the jpeg options, anyone else encountering this?

  24. keeps crashing on me, used to work great, tried removing and installing but still fails
    would include a screenshot but..
    win7 64

  25. ultimate on said:

    For a few days i can’t upload photos. I’ve got something like this. What’s wrong? Thanks in advance for some help!

    “Cannot create file “z:\pass2.txt” system nie mo?e odnale?? okre?lonej ?cie?ki


  26. ultimate on said:


    Thanks a lot! Everything’s fine now :)

  27. My 64 version crashes every time the upload finishes.

  28. when i click login button , i dont get app windows opened in my browser , instead i m getting error alone ” relogin might be required “

  29. AxelFar on said:

    Every time i start i got this:
    I searched and did not find the solution… what is?

  30. It’d be nice to be able to quickly edit screenshots like in hyperdesktop, also, an option to not display the MyImgur windows every time you do a screenshot.

  31. SLeePYG on said:

    I would like to suggest a “Close to Tray” option in the Settings – this would allow users that want to keep the program open to send it to the tray if the hit the Close button (just like the “Minimize to Tray” option). I have a habit of hitting the close button and expecting it to go to the tray.

  32. Trying this out… but when I hit Login, it takes me to a blank browser window with an address that begins https://api.imgur.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=…… Again, the browser window itself is blank.

    It does not take me to a screen like the one shown in the program in which Imgur asks for my authorization.


  33. @admin
    works beautifully now, thanks!

  34. Arielle on said:

    When i try to take a screenshot it only allows me to select the primary monitor but takes a screenshot of the secondary monitor. Is there a setting for that or is that a limitation of the app?

    • No, it should work fine with multiple monitors, I have 3 myself and it’s working correctly. Are you running the latest version 3.1?

  35. Arielle on said:

    Yes, 3.1. I see I had the “Use only Primary Monitor” option checked. After removing the checkmark it allowed me to screenshot from the secondary monitor however when the option is checked it still takes a screenshot of the secondary monitor even though the primary one has the shading over it. I am running Windows 7.

  36. @Arielle
    I will remove that option in the next update. It was there very long ago for performance reasons when the cropping feature was much slower.

  37. First of all, thanks for this amazing app!

    Now, I have a suggestion to do…

    When I set a hotkey for capture area, later when I uset, I’ve no way to cancel it, making a capture is the only way to cancel it. I noted this because I was using Hyperdesktop until yesterday, and there you can cancel it with Esc button.

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Argentina.

  38. By the looks of it I can’t log in to your software because I’m am sent to the imgur app authorisation page and it doesn’t come with a token so it says the app doesn’t exist.

  39. Ah, ignore my last comment. It was due to Imgur service being out of tune with it’s servers.

  40. Sup man. Great app.

    Just this little thing bothering me: I can’t make it to start running when the computer starts and can’t disable the option “close app after upload”.

    • Hi, thanks for the report. I knew about the auto-start not saving but kinda forgot to fix it on last patch, it’ll be fixed for sure next update; ill check the other setting as well.

  41. hay, maybe you can add proxy feature

  42. Franklin on said:

    Checbox of start with windows unheck everytime by itself. Any way to fix it?

  43. joby_toss on said:

    Version stopped working for me.
    Getting “Invalid floating point operation” error.
    Maybe Imgur changed something.

    • admin on said:

      Does this always happen?

      • joby_toss on said:

        Hmm… It happened every single time for 2 whole days (verified multiple times, with both 32 and 64 bit portable versions). Now I don’t get that error anymore. So strange. Good thing I made that screenshot.
        Thank you for your answer and sorry for wasting your time! I’ll post again if it comes back.

  44. Hello

    im wondering if you can bulk upload web images from this?

  45. Dustin on said:

    Great app! Love it!

    One little bug I’ve found, it may just be Windows 8, is that every time I start the app, I have to go in to the hot keys and either uncheck and re-check the boxes for the hot keys or click the assignment button and click okay before hot keys work again.

    One little thing that bugs me as well is that when I upload an image (Using hot keys to take screen capture) is that the application window gets added back to my taskbar and I have to minimize to tray again.

    Keep up the good work! :D

  46. Gluz on said:

    I found some issues on the x64 installable version:
    -The tray icon says “TinyPic Uploader”.
    -No matter the settings, some images are uploaded as jpg instead of png.
    -Some images get this JPEG error #53 http://i.imgur.com/ebLYO12.png and the queue stops and have to restart the app and add again the files.
    -Drag and Drop doesn’t work.
    -Doesn’t accept GIFs, get JPEG error #53 again.

    I hope you can find the way to solve those issues, and keep working on it.

    • Chris Dino on said:

      I have the same issues.
      Drag and drop doesnt work. shows error cursor on hover.
      Tray icon says Tiny pic uploader.

    • John S on said:

      Im having the same issue with GIFs still and using 3.61 beta on windows 7 64bit, with the 64bit myimgur installer.

  47. This is an epic app! Thanks :D

    There are two things on my wishlist:
    1) Play sound when upload is done. (indicating success or failure)
    2) Allow app to stay minimized to system tray during and after upload.

    Then it would beat hyperdesktop for my use case :)

  48. AH. nvm. I was going to post that the capture isn’t working, but I finally found the setting… It’s not very obvious where the setting is for Upload only, Capture only, and both.

  49. Stopped working recently, says “API error 401, re-login may be needed”. I am logged in to imgur.

  50. Chris Dino on said:

    The drag and drop feature is not working in windows 8.1 64bit (Running 64bit version of MyImgur )

  51. TrazLander on said:

    Anyway you could add a checkbox that makes the thing stay minimized and not pop up every time I ->send to imgur, or take a screen capture?

  52. Dave on said:

    The option to log in is missing. Next to account is just shows -Not logged in-, then when I add an image it changes to “free.” So it doesn’t upload to my actual account. Using version 3.6 Thanks.

  53. Samuel on said:

    I’ve been looking for an alternative to Puush and its super-handy software, and this software seems to be just the thing I’m looking for since I thought I’d give Imgur a try, but I cannot log in whatsoever. When I click “Login,” it opens a web page where it gives me a PIN to enter into the application. After I enter the PIN, I get an error notification in my system tray saying “Imgur request failed. Error during “Initial Login.” 200: OK-OK.” I also get an error window saying “Invalid pointer operation.”

    Here’s a GIF of my troubles: http://i.imgur.com/w1sJEn8.gif

    I am using 3.6 Beta on Windows Vista SP2 32-bit and I downloaded the 32-bit installer. Please respond because this program seems like it would be very useful and awesome if I could only figure out how to get it to work properly on my machine.

    • admin on said:

      Does it always fail with that same message? The Imgur API isn’t working very well at the moment, but the error you describe is a bit different:

      • Samuel on said:

        I just tried it several more times and yes it keeps failing with the same message over and over again. What I got from that thread is that it fails for that person sometimes and not others, whereas for me it fails every time.

      • Samuel on said:

        I have found out what is causing MyImgur not to sign in; it’s this program called Networx which I have been using to keep track of my data usage. I must turn it off to use MyImgur, which kinda sucks because I don’t like having to turn off a program that help me keep track of data usage. I have no idea why or how Networx was interfering with MyImgur.

        Anyway, as others have already stated, this program won’t upload GIFs; it gives me the error box “JPEG Error #53″ whenever I try. If this happens, it won’t upload any other pics until I restart the app. Also, if I copy a picture file to my clipboard, it won’t let me upload via the “paste from clipboard” feature.

  54. First time I ran MyImgur 3.61 Beta Drag+Drop in main window worked, but now I can’t get it to work, but if I drop pic on MyImgur shortcut the pic is uploaded. I’m running Windows 8.1 on a 64-bit PC so how can I get Drag+Drop to work again? I have used 32+64 Portable + MyImgur361 x64.exe versions. Please help me to get Drag+Drop to work in main window again.

  55. Portable version is now writing to AppData (~\AppData\Roaming\MyImgur).


  56. Steve on said:

    Is it possible to upload files to an album without having the filename put in the description field on imgur?

  57. JimZiii on said:

    damn this app is making my life a lot easier, its really awesome.
    but i’ve been having some issues. these issues doesn’t just happen every now and then, this happens every time.

    so every time i start up the app i get this

    and every time i try to create a new folder or anything else with folders i get this

    is it just me getting these issues or is this a temporary problem with the beta?
    other than that, thnx for an awesome app. before i found this i was using the print screen key, pasting in a bmp, saving it as png and uploading manually on imgur which took its time, but with this either one press and select what you want or just a key press to a whole window and i get the adress in my clipboard. amazing.

  58. it doest open.

  59. MindScape on said:

    Using v3.62 x64 and it starts up, works fine, all up until I try and login. Try and login, and the program stops responding after a moment, and then closes itself. Not sure if this is a problem that is occurring because I updated and it’s using old data (I fully uninstalled and reinstalled, still does it), or what, but it makes it unusable in terms of uploading to my actual account.

  60. JimZiii on said:

    i’ve now tried all the new versions, portable and installers, x32 and x64. all of them crash on start, the x32 version gives you a popup with the error message. so i’m just wondering if its possible to download the previous version somehow? the previous version had problems but it at least worked and let me upload screenshots to my account.

  61. i installed 3.62 version but it doesn’t open.

  62. Murilo on said:

    I’m having that problem with this version also.
    Start it then it crashes right after start.
    I’m using x64 version on w7.

  63. Software crashes after entering the pin and clicking “ok” button. Also crashes when you try to upload an image. No error shown in both situations.

  64. Thomas on said:

    After updating myimgur won’t load anymore (Win7). There is an icon in taskbar but it won’t interact (click, right-click). The window never comes up. Uninstall Re-Install did not fix.

  65. Asqwel on said:

    Beta 3.7 (x64): After entering the pin code program shows “Login succesful” and error “‘false’ is not a valid integer value” :(

  66. David on said:

    Is there a way to have the direct link to the image copied to the clipboard, rather than the one leading to the page with options and links.

    I.E. I want this page:

    instead of this one:

    • admin on said:

      That’s already the case, however imgur seems to redirect to the full page the 1st time for some reason, hadn’t seen this behaviour before.

    • David on said:

      Actually I noticed just now that it actually copies the correct link, but I’m getting redirected to the other page anyways. It seems to work if I paste the url into my browser a second time or any number of times afterwards. I just get to the page with tools on the first shot.

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