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MyImgur is the next version of the older popular Tiny Uploader which used to be at http://eden.fm/tinypic-uploader/

Disclaimer: The Imgur logo and “IMGUR” are trademarks of Imgur LLC and are used here for informational purposes only.  MyImgur is not affiliated with Imgur and has not been reviewed or officially approved by Imgur.

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  1. jasonbrown1965
    April 4th, 2020 at 12:43 | #1

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    20200404 : ^ website being rejigged, so nothing there at the mo, will return to comment when I’ve returned it to online status.

    Enough about me, just dropping in to say how impressed I am with the transparency around having the app on the same pages as comments going back years. Without having to click through 13 admin hoops to read them!

    Inspires a lot of confidence, looking forward to using it myself in a new, open kind of reporting, from #firstdraft to #finaldraft ~ and yours looks the perfect tool for the job 😀


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